Tim Seutter,  Founder of Yoga Fire

Tim Seutter
Yoga Fire Founder


Initially I began practicing yoga simply because I didn’t want to feel sore and injured any longer. I had been involved in all sorts of athletics from a young age and the effects of these sports were adding up and causing me a lot of pain and stiffness. I was in the supposed prime of my life and in great physical shape but was constantly having to go to Chiropractors and Massage Therapists to try and feel better. 

Whilst living in Canada, where I was born, a friend suggested I try yoga as an alternative to the Chiropractor. Though doubtful at first, I went to my first Bikram Yoga session and was hooked right away. Yoga slowly became more and more important in my life. By the time I moved to New Zealand in 2011 I was regularly going to yoga classes, but because I found there weren’t any studios nearby that really resonated with me I began to practice yoga independently.

Eventually my wife encouraged me to give yoga training a shot because I enjoyed it so much, and so I went to Bali and trained with Yandara Yoga. This was a definitive moment in my life where Yoga really became alive. I could be my authentic self - strong and powerful, yet gentle and calm. A duality that hadn’t previously found equilibrium in me was now able to live in synchronicity. Strength and power could coincide with subtlety, gentleness, and flexibility; finally the Yin and Yang were balanced.

Yoga Fire was in part inspired by one of my teachers at Yandara, Dylan Werner. Dylan and I were both firefighters and he helped open my eyes to how strength and power can interact with Yogi principles seamlessly and the notion of Yoga Fire came out of this interaction. I wanted to teach intensity, focus and power to create change for people looking for a yoga practice that could complement their lifestyle and athletic abilities. I am proud of what Yoga Firethe Fire Within and SUP Yoga have become today as I believe it’s a form of Yoga that can truly benefit anyone looking to bring change and passion to their lives.