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Finding Space in the Shoulders, Neck, and Upper Back

Tight shoulders? Sore neck? Stiff upper back? These are common ailments that can cause huge problems throughout the body.  This can lead to injuries, mobility problems, and many numerous visits to doctors, physiotherapists, and chiropractors.

Come and join Tim for a yoga workshop that targets the neck, shoulders and upper back. Coming for a sports background with a lot of shoulder injuries and rehabilitation, Tim has overcome limitations to find space in his body, in these vital areas.

This workshop is for anyone looking to find ways to rebuild shoulder mobility, help loosen tight necks, and find space in their upper backs. Any level of practice is encouraged to attend, from beginner to confident yogi. We all have to start somewhere, so let this workshop start you on the journey to being able to live a pain-free life.

You will leave this workshop feeling new found space, with ideas and tips to help you build strength and rehabilitate your shoulders, and leaving you with a new perspective on how yoga can recreate balance and awareness throughout the body.