SUP yoga is a newer way to bring your yoga practice from inside the studio out into the world and onto the water. We use a Stand-up Paddleboard and combine that with yoga postures out on the water. By building up from the feet, you learn to be able to stand solidly on the board and give your entire body a stretch. This practice is such a fun and yet, powerful, practice because it teaches us to integrate every part of ourselves and be present in our bodies, minds, and with the world around us. Whether, or not, you have done yoga or been on a SUP before, this practice is open to everyone; no experience is necessary.

SUP Yoga is an adventure for every part of your being. The water is such a precious resource and to be able to practice yoga on it will be something you remember for a long time. Once you have completed your session, you will feel amazing has you have learnt to stand, stretch, and relax all while floating on you SUP. There are few experiences that that rival the experience of floating on your board, and at the end of the class, listening to the ocean beneath you, the breeze in your ears, and the world all around you in balance. Get ready to find some H2om.


SUP Yoga is for anyone looking to come outside, have some fun, and add some strength to their body. The best part of this practice is that we get to embrace nature and all the lessons the water can give us. You don’t have to be an expert surfer, or have even been on a SUP before. We start at the beginning and through building up from the base, the body gains confidence and soon you are standing strong, confident and empowered.