I teach a range of Yoga classes at The Loft Studio in Whangarei. The classes range in intensity and heat: Align Yoga, Power Yoga, Unwind Yoga & Core Yoga.


Align Yoga

Align is a class that is designed for everyone to be able to do. Align is a designed for beginners to experienced and it has a focus on understanding the postures and how they impact our bodies. The classes will follow the Vinyasa style where movement and breath are synchronized to create a unified experience. Align classes are not heated classes so you can practice in our studio and then move on wherever your day takes you. Classes range in time from 50 mins for our express lunch class, up to our 75 min Saturday morning class. These classes are suitable for beginners to those who have yoga experience and is a level 1 class.



This class is designed to challenge your body and invigorate your mind. We practice this class in a heated room (between 28-32C) and progress through our yoga postures in new and exciting ways. Power is meant to challenge your cardiovascular system and is our most challenging class at the Loft. It is, however, a class that can be done by all levels as it isn’t designed to be complicated or advanced, just with an element of heat and some sweat. This class is a level 1- 2 class.


Stretch (Warm)

Stretch is a class that is about creating space and tension release throughout the body. It is designed to be a class where we enter gentle postures and then add slow, deliberate movements through postures to foster deeper body awareness. Elements of hatha and yin yoga are combined in this class to help create a balance in mind, body and breath. This class is a great way to complete your weekend and to start your week with the right foot forward. Stretch is a level 1 class and is suitable to all levels from beginners to those with more yoga experience.



Unwind Yoga

Unwind is a class where you gently stretch and relax and the body. If you feel stressed or life is moving too quickly, then this 60 min class is the perfect option for you. By slowing our practice down and listening to the deep workings of the body, we can foster a tranquil setting in our minds and our bodies. This is a great class for the evening as it will leave you ready to relax and enjoy a great night’s sleep.